Detective Dick Scarpetta

Dick Scarpetti goes missing while working on a case, he gets a message to you saying he thinks the answer is in his fathers office connected with an old case he was working on. Can you access & exit the office within the hours time frame you have to find where Dick is??? Get your sleuthing skills sharpened to cut it in time….

The Log Cabin

A retired detective leaves a distinguished career blemished with just one unsolved case. A group of campers had disappeared without a trace, despite searching the area & a nearby log cabin the case remained unsolved. The retired detective, unable to let the case rest still believes the Cabin holds the key to the mystery. Can you find the secret behind the Log Cabin?…

The Missing Child

It’s Simply a child’s room containing all the usual things a child’s room would contain, ordinary objects & toys that a child would possess. There is just one thing missing “the child”. Using everything to hand contained in room, can you find out what has happened & escape from the room before the time runs out. TICK! TOCK!

Room 13

You wake in a room & have no idea how you got there! Looking around you see everything has a code… Using logical skills & evidence found, can you escape the count down clock? ROOM THIRTEEN, the room no hotel rents out!

Prison Break

You plan to break out your crime partner but he is unable to get his breakout details to you. You need to break in to break out, Can you do it?

The Asylum

You are a journalist investigating the mysterious disappearance of inmates within the asylum.

Also, your informer on the inside who allowed you in has suddenly disappeared!

You are locked in the admissions office and have only 60 minuets to escape before you are committed to the asylum yourself

Are you an escapee or a crazee?